Stotts Reserve, Bexley North

Help restore this pocket of bushland by undertking woody weed removal. Meet other local people with simmilar ideas, enjoy morning tea and find out what Council is undertaking with…
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‘Parrots Farm’ Reserve, Narellan


Launch of “Parrott Farm’ Bushcare at Narellan, short walk and talk, weeding, installation of nest boxes for local wildlife including the native “Marsupial Mouse” and Microbats…
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BCC Raven Street Reserve, McDowall

Meet a mob of locals starting to restore a neglected part of the district’s creek-side bushland. Learn to convert nuisance weed grass to useful garden compost. Bush food morning…
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Chermside Hills, Chermside West

See the results of several years of “Gentle Weeding”, the art of removing weeds by hand to encourage the regrowth of Native Species. Enjoy the majesty of our wonderful Eucalypts…
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Terrumbine Reserve, Killara


Meet the people who care for this beautiful piece of bushland. They will point out local species of native plants and tell you about the animals that live in the area. You can lear…
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