Yoorala St along Enoggera Creek, The Gap

Organised by

Yoorala St Bushcare

Where and when should you meet?

We meet near the end of Yoorala st opposite 49 Yoorala st at the entrance to Cooramulling Park.

Street Address

Queensland, 4061

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Date & Time

6 September 2014
09:00 am – 11:00 am

Contact for the day

Stella Field
Phone: 0412335289
Email: sfield2710@gmail.com

What's planned?

We have a great pile of freshly delivered mulch that needs spreading out. We will be pitchforking it into wheelbarrows, pushing the barrows a short distance, dumping it and then spreading it out.
This will be done on the edge of Yoorala st near where we have previously planted native plants.

What to bring

Participants should wear comfortable loose cotton clothing, preferably long sleeves, long pants, hat and sunscreen. Gloves, sunscreen and all other equipment will be provided.
come with a sense of fun and be prepared for a little hard work. All jobs are shared and can be rotated if difficult or tiresome.
Bring water too.