Taulangau Wildlife Refuge, Jiggi

Organised by

Jiggi Catchment Landcare Inc

Where and when should you meet?

Follow signs from the front gate

Street Address

211 Davis Road
New South Wales, 2480

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Date & Time

13 September 2014
10:00 am – 12:30 am

Contact for the day

Julie Ried
Phone: 0266888320
Email: taulangau@clubtelco.com

What's planned?

Experience what can be done with passion and commitment to environmental restoration. This property has been restored by one woman who has been fortunate enough to now be part of a broader environmental habitat connectivity project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust over a six year period. The project includes 7 properties and is being coordinated by the Jiggi Catchment Landcare. The work undertaken over the past 15 years has, through assisted and natural regeneration, converted a degraded grazing property to an area of environmental significance. The property was declared a wildlife refuge in 2013. There are ten threatened flora and fauna species recorded on the sites. Planting of endemic species has been undertaken to fill gaps and link areas of wildlife habitat.Finish the walk with drinks and a snack

What to bring

wear long sleeve shirt, long pants, hat and covered shoes