Organ Pipes National Park, Organ Pipes Road

Organised by

Friends of Organ Pipes National Park


Where and when should you meet?

Visitors Centre near the car park

Street Address

Keilor North VIC 3036, Australia
Organ Pipes Road
Victoria, 3036

Date & Time

26 September 2015
09:00 am – 12:30 pm

Contact for the day

Terry Lane
Phone: 0401316302

What's planned?

Final removal of Star Pickets,old wire fencing and clean up on Main Flat. We may also remove large amounts of prickly pear in a more remote area of the park

What to bring

Sunscreen, water, warm clothing with long sleeve protection and long pants,sturdy footwear.
Gloves and tools are provided.

This site is:

  • Family friendly
  • Suitable for young people aged 12-18
  • Easily accessible