Info for holding your own day

Registering participants

If your day is to be a success and your team is to accomplish something they can be proud of in the future, it is important that you pick the right site.  Our experience leads us to ask the following questions:

1. Can you organise on-going maintenance of the site after Major Day Out from a Bushcare group or contractors?  If this isn’t possible think about choosing another site where this can be organised.

2.  Does your site have:

-high visibility (so banners, posters and activity on the day will be noticed by passers by)?

-natives present (so you are reinforcing the idea of working from the good bush to the bad?)

-lots of easy weeds to hand remove eg Asparagus Fern, Fishbone Fern?  (Avoid using poison if possible due to OH& S concerns and not making too big an impact on the site.)

-the ability to cope with large numbers (of possibly untrained people walking all over it?)

-easy access to toilet facilities, BBQ & car park (so you don’t have to carry food/drink/tools too far)?

High visibility


  1. Design your publicity material. Willoughby Council is happy for you to use/adapt their promotional material.  Contact Mandy:
  2. Ensure you have a RSVP number/ email address so that you have some idea of how many people are going to turn up on the day (for catering purposes).
  3. Contact your media people asap to organise an article in local paper, progress association newsletters etc (See if you can get an article, ideally with photos, in each of these after the event too.)
  4. Invite the mayor/local member
  5. Start promoting the event through your networks well beforehand (eg. via Bushcare Newsletters, Bushcare email contact lists etc). You want as many Bushcarers to come along as possible and they can help spread the word amongst their networks.
  6. Can you get your event listed on a website/ facebook?
  7. Erect a banner/s at site to be worked, a couple of weeks before the event
  8. Distribute posters & flyers in local libraries, local cafes, Men’s Sheds, shopping centres etc.
  9. Ensure details of your event are posted on the following websites:


Enjoying some food


  1. Ask your local Rotary (or a similar community group) if they’d be interested in providing a BBQ. You will have to pay for the cost of sausages, bread, etc
  2. Ask those attending to bring a donation to the morning tea if they’d like to do so.
  3. Can you provide drinks (water/juice) and cups?  (And maybe tea/coffee/milk/sugar/mugs/hot water??)


Other Preparation:

  1. Organise your helpers for the day. You need experienced people to:

–  welcome everyone when they arrive, ask them to fill in the sign on sheet, do a name tag

–  hand out tools and record who has what tools. (This person/people can collect them back afterwards.)

–  experienced people to move amongst those participating in the event, giving them guidance, encouragement etc

  1. Gather the tools you’ll need on the day. Maybe your Bushcare groups can donate their tools on the day?
  2. Organise gloves for the day.
  3. Decide what you will do about the weeds that will be collected. Will you create some compost piles? Will you bag the weeds?


Take lots of photos

  1. Take lots of photos especially of the whole group assembled for morning tea break/ gathered around the promotional banner/ in front of the pile of weeds you collect on the day etc. You can use these for a follow up article & to promote the event next year.
  2. Have blurb on your Bushcare program available on the day.
  3. Have an optional column for contact details so you can ensure they are in the loop about future events.