Don Wilson, Founder – Bushcare’s Major Day Out

BushcaresMajorDayOut2013-4832Don Wilson is an over 80 year old with a lot of energy.

After a stellar career in sales Don has learnt that persuasion and persistence are important characters that can really sell ideas. One of the ideas that Don has turned his attention to is Bushcare.

Don had a transformative experience when he went to Lord Howe Island on a voluntary weeding trip. He was amazed by how dominant Asparagus Fern was on the island after being introduced in a bridal bouquet 100 years earlier. But he was also amazed at how volunteers could be inspired to work on the problem and returned to Sydney ready to inspire others.

Don turned his attention to the Knoll, a lovely rocky outcrop of bushland overlooking Middle Harbour which was also over run with with Asparagus Fern. Today this beautiful place is testament to his persistence and persuasion, the Bushcare group he started to tackle the problem is one of Willoughby City Council’s strongest.

Don also had the idea to start a Flying Squad of Bushcarers who would travel en masse from one site to another to lend extra hands to the task of weeding and he hit on the bigger idea of Bushcare’s Major Day Out. Why not ask all Australia to help?

Don is a charmer, he uses his charm to engender the care in others that he and others have for our remaining bushland. It is idea that has legs because he knows that the solution is solvable when you have enough persuaded people persisting and striving for change.

Don has been interviewed many times on radio and is a bit of a hit with Macca on ABC, Sunday mornings.

Don has been awarded and acknowledged many times now, abut he knows the greatest reward is seeing volunteers turn up for Bushcare’s Major Day Out.

Don Wilson is available for interviews and photography.

Don Wilson: 0417 2858719

Bushcare’s Major Day Out – September 7, 2014



Twitter: @BushcaresMDO